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YouTuber Makes a PC Out of a Functional Toilet Create what could be the first toilet that can handle trash and play with fun. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. How is the world we live in!

as seen by Eurogamer, YouTuber Basically Homeless has agreed with electronics store Microcenter to build a real bathroom gaming PC. along with all related water and water supply systems it is strange But no wonder, you see, as long as we have toilets and video games. Many people try to put it all together. until I heard the siren call and Tried to crap and play games at the same time.. Countless other people do it while playing games on their phones.

But basically, homeless people don’t just want to bring a switch, a phone, or even a Steam Deck into the bathroom. He wanted to create a setup that would allow him to play 120hz FPS shooting games with a mouse and keyboard while sitting in the bathroom. and in his video recording the whole processI was shocked by both the final result and the lack of planning.

Basically a homeless

The way this works is half of the bucket holds the toilet bit and the bobbin along with the water. Then he built a “wall of water” out of plexiglass and glue. On the other side of the wall are all the computer parts. The idea is to keep it separate. Lets you flush while playing games. Plus, the lid has a fan to help keep your PC cool.

It wouldn’t surprise you to learn that the first time he connected the bathroom to the water supply, the hacked “wall of water” failed. and finally he had to Use the whole can of flex sealer. Inside the tank to protect precious PC electronics. However, now that he’s all working (including the RGB lights), the finished hybrid PC/bowl is unusually impressive. with a large cutout at the front So you can see both the working toilet and the working PC.

According to Basically Homeless, he had to learn basic plumbing and how to cut porcelain to build this bizarre PC. The end result is both the conversation starter and the guy who can now fix his own bathroom. The situation really wins.

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