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Canalys Channels Forum not just Reg Readers perceive the inferior quality of the built-in computer webcam. Obviously, the world’s largest PC makers do too.

The work-from-home revolution will impact the world in 2020, requiring us to stay in touch remotely, so Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and more are the means to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues.

This reporter likes to listen to the radio. So I chose to turn it off. But as we all know Sometimes that’s not an option.

Rich topics about the condition of this generally poor built-in webcam sparked ugliness on this week’s Canalys Channels Forum in Barcelona, ​​when market watchdog CEO Steve Brazier hit the spotlight with a scammer. Lenovo executive on stage: “Why does a PC have such a lousy webcam?”

“It’s a good question,” said Luca Rossi, corporate vice president and chairman of the smart devices and well-rounded sport.

“I think the simple answer is, before COVID no one asked how many megapixels there were. [does] your internal camera [have], front camera. Obviously on the phone. We know this is very important for selfies.”

However, don’t worry dear readers. We’re pretty sure the PC maker, or at least Lenovo, has it on hand.

Rossi told an audience at the Canalys event: “All of these components – audio, video, cameras – are innovative. [taking place] To make this video conferencing Long distance collaboration is more efficient.”

Laptops are the largest form factor PCs, with 54.7 million shipped worldwide during the fourth calendar quarter compared to 14.7 million for desktops. And there are many reasons why the built-in camera is so bad. The thinness of the device means that space is limited for a better camera, and of course, the price is another factor.

There are standalone webcams for PCs. But this author suspects he needs some integrated AI capabilities to make his face see through in the morning. Stop messing with nonsense ®


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