Who needs Bloodborne on PC when you can add parry in The Witcher 3 instead? | Tech Rasta

No one is sure why Bloodborne hasn’t come to PC, but right now it’s just a meme. Sony just tweeted a close-up shot of Bloodborne, asking people to guess what game it is. before being forced to delete As rumors once again circulated that it was news of a remaster or port, many of PlayStation’s biggest PS4 games have made the leap to PC, but Bloodborne is still missing. “But,” I sobbed softly as I held the PS5. My “Who needs Bloodborne on PC when you can add a parry mechanism in The Witcher 3?”

We can all pretend Bloodborne is on PC together, yes, thanks to a mod that adds a parry mechanism in The Witcher 3 if you haven’t played Bloodborne. Bloodborne was disgusted to see players crouching behind a shield holding an opening while their shoes trembled. and makes the predator a little more aggressive.

Instead of armor, you get a gun, and if you shoot this gun in someone’s face at the right time. It will stun your enemies. Gives you a chance to attack with internal organs instead. This will knock them back and deal a lot of damage. It’s a very important technique to learn Bloodborne and breaking it can be deadly. But man, is it satisfying?

(Image Credit: Mugijang/Nexus Mods)

One mod on NexusMods adds this mechanic to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Moochan’. Bloodborne Gun Parry and Execution mod (Opens in a new tab) It is available for download after adding various firearms mods to the game and allows you to fend off both humans and monsters. The timing is as specific as Bloodbornes: “A successful gun parry requires shells to hit the target at the start of the attack. which was when the red light first appeared on his health bar.” Brutal.

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