Valve recently filed a trademark. The new ‘computer game software’ and rumors have spread. | Tech Rasta

Gosh, but Valve isn’t busy right now? Between Steam decks, VR stuff, and even Steam’s long-neglected mobile app overhaul. (Opens in a new tab)You’d be forgiven for thinking that the company had enough to not feel the need to create a new project. and you will be wrong Because of the new trademark that Valve used for (Opens in a new tab) On October 10th, it accidentally announced the existence of something called Neon Prime.

The application, which is still being processed by the US Patent and Trademark Office, states that Neon Prime is related to “Computer game software electronic game software video game software Internet Downloadable Computer Game Programs.” My outstanding deductive power tells me this means that it is related to video games and video game software. And the Internet seems to agree: there are already rumors. (Opens in a new tab) Neon Prime could be a new game or series from Valve.

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