Valve Fixes Steam Deck Trailer To Remove Nintendo Switch Emulator Icon | Tech Rasta


Valve released a highly upbeat Steam Deck video on Thursday announcing that the mobile gaming PC is finally available for purchase without reservations. (Opens in a new tab)The video also celebrates the arrival of the Steam Deck Dock and OS improvements that make the deck work better with external displays. But playing the Twitter newshound game Nibellion (Opens in a new tab) A surprising find is also found in the Steam Deck library in Valve’s video: Icons for the Nintendo Switch Yuzu emulator. (Opens in a new tab). You can see it above. by hanging next to Hades in the home screen’s recent list of games.

After Nibellion’s tweet received two thousand retweets on Friday morning, Valve revoked the video and uploaded a new version. (Opens in a new tab) without seeing Yuzu original video (Opens in a new tab) It is now set to private.


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