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Valorant’s upcoming 5.09 patch will introduce several changes. It mostly affected the port and five other agents on the list. and helps to correct accidental dynamics. This patch also includes important fixes to other capabilities and hotfixes.

PBE is scheduled for release on November 4th, after which there will be more updates on the new changes Riot Games is introducing. Patch 5.09 is expected to be the smallest due to the list of available changes.

Valorant patch 5.09 will add important features.

Updates are typically 1.5 GB to 2 GB, considering the size of the upcoming changes. The patch file size should be in the smaller 5.09 range, possibly 1.1-1.5 GB.

Valorant is without a doubt one of Riot Games’ most successful tactical shooters and a valuable possession. character’s ability It offers players a unique experience. However, being a free-to-play game has its limitations.

All changes that will be included in Valorant patch 5.09 .

This time, the developers paid close attention to the status of a few agents. and fixed some accidental malfunctions They’ve made major tweaks and fixes to Harbor’s abilities this patch. Some of the other agent capabilities have been enhanced to improve the gaming experience.

Here are the fixes that patch 5.09 brings to the game:

  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Cascade would sometimes disappear when looking away. (Quick fix during patch 5.08)
  • Fixed a bug where walking through Harbor’s Cove barrier didn’t blind the player within the intended distance. (Quick fix during patch 5.08)
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s High Tide would have critical gaps when casting in specific map locations.
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Reckoning geysers would not spawn where the player was standing
  • Fixed an issue where Yoru would still go into invisible and intangible state. If he is imprisoned while using Dimensional Drift, the imprisonment will now properly interrupt the cast.
  • Fixed an issue where Fade could activate Haunt and Seize shells so they drop while she is suppressed.
  • Fixed an issue where Reyna would auto heal after a kill while in the Empress, even if she was suppressed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sage could immediately destroy her Barrier by cornering herself.

Throughout the year, Riot Games periodically updates Skye’s Seekers to ensure they achieve their goals more reliably and efficiently. There have been a few changes to how Skye’s Seekers navigate around obstacles after they’ve visually targeted them.

If the target is intangible by the time the Seekers reach it, it will not buff them, including Reyna while she is fired and Yoru in Dimensional Drift.

This will be an exciting update as fans may see a quick change in the meta. This affects the composition of the team throughout the game. Harbor will become a formidable enemy even if his abilities do not deal direct damage. Instead, he provides cover and shields the enemy’s line of sight from various angles.

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