This phone is a Genshin Impact player’s dream | Tech Rasta

The Asian action RPG Genshin Impact continues to have a strong reputation, so it’s no surprise that some smartphone makers are now optimizing their smartphones for gaming. The same goes for realme’s GT Neo 3, which even has its own graphics chip to make games run smoother.

Here’s how it works: Chips and algorithms generate intermediate images that make the action run smoother, and ideally, gamers can react faster to enemy movements.

Unfortunately, this feature is reserved for some games, and we were unable to determine any visible and measurable differences in our review, such as in PUBG Mobile. Then again, the manufacturer may expand support in the future.

The realme GT Neo 3 also offers some interesting features outside of gaming. For example, NFC chips used for contactless payment transactions should be particularly large. In our review, we observed that it worked well, but the chip’s active area coverage wasn’t particularly large.

Then there is the heart rate measurement through the fingerprint sensor, which works well and is a good gimmick

The sleek racing design is also refreshing for a high-society smartphone, but realme may have paid more attention to the craftsmanship, as a noticeable squeak can be heard when twisting.

The manufacturer offers an unusual money-saving opportunity: if you choose a lower charging power and can live without some RAM, you can pay 100 euros less. However, this cheaper 80-watt version does not appear to be available in most countries, so interested buyers are advised to regularly check Amazon and select retailers.

But is the real-world GT Neo 3 worth it for someone who doesn’t just want to play Genshin Impact? Find yourself many benchmarks and results in our detailed review.

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