The rollout of the 5G network will be evaluated by Nedaa and Nokia in Dubai | Tech Rasta

Nokia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nedaa, the Dubai government’s security network provider.

The MoU will explore opportunities to upgrade Nedaa’s communications network on radio access networks (RAN) and core using 5G technology.

Nokia says the 5G network with end-to-end performance will help Nedaa provide better public and city safety services to organizations and concerned citizens, as well as lay the foundation for advanced services such as metaverse.

The Nedaa network already uses Nokia infrastructure and can support most of the needs of mission critical networks. However, says Nokia, with the introduction of 5G, Nedaa will be able to support enhanced services for public safety and the management of important activities, such as advanced applications for first responders, connected and automated vehicles, video surveillance and remote control, etc. such as to manage. thousands of connected devices, sensors and IoT applications.

The Memorandum of Understanding establishes a framework for improving existing network capacity and establishing modern and advanced services for government agencies based on secure and reliable networks.

One of the key features is cutting the 5G network, which will help Nedaa provide solutions related to parts for different sectors, including oil and gas, transport and other government agencies. The MoU also lays the groundwork for identifying the best 5G use cases to capture new opportunities and monetization.

Nokia will also conduct a technology capacity building program covering training and knowledge transfer for Nedaa employees and will expand its Integrated Operations Center (IOC) as an integration and enablement layer for all 5G use cases, including Industry 4.0, smart city and applications of public safety. and the way for future services like metaverse.


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