The Dubai court gives mercy to a prisoner who is ‘addicted’ to motorcycle theft, giving a fine of Dh6,700 – News | Tech Rasta


It turned out that he would commit the crime every time he was released from prison and would steal even though he had no need to steal.

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Published: Monday 31 Oct 2022, 8:59 AM

Last updated: Monday 31 October 2022, 8:43 PM

The Dubai Criminal Court has granted amnesty to a 42-year-old prisoner who is addicted to stealing motorbikes from delivery companies and cannot stop.

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted the accused of stealing a delivery bike, worth Dh6,700. The witness revealed that the suspect has criminal records in the past where he committed similar crimes. It was explained that the prisoner steals again as soon as he leaves the prison.

In this incident, the case papers said that the Dubai Police received a report saying that the motorcycle of the delivery company had been stolen.

In the police report and investigation of the Public Prosecution, the cyclist said that he stopped the motorcycle near his home in the Hor Al Anz area on the evening of the incident, and when he woke up the next day, he realized that the bike was missing, so he reported to the relevant police station .

Dubai Police then obtained the previous criminal records of a Gulf national who had been involved in this type of crime before.

The suspect was found and arrested, after the investigation confirmed that he was at the scene when the crime occurred. A police witness said that when they questioned the suspect for the first time, he denied committing the crime, but when confronted with the evidence, he confessed.

When asked the reason for the repeated thefts, he admitted that he could not stop the habit of stealing bicycles, despite the fact that he had no need to commit the crime. He said that he stole the bikes by wiring them in such a way that he could drive the bike he wanted to steal, and that he used that method to carry out several robberies.

Considering the circumstances of the crime, the Dubai Criminal Court has only imposed a fine of Dh6,700.



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