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Whether you like them spicy or mild – everyone has a soft spot for tender chicken and chips…

Yes, it may have been the order of the day as a kid, but there has definitely been a resurgence in the love of chicken tenders among adults.

For that reason, we have decided to let you find the best chicken tenders in Dubai. The humble chicken is the perfect meal for a hangover cure, an easy dinner at home or just a guilty pleasure on a Friday night.

Here are the 8 best places for chicken tenders in Dubai

Alien burger

Now, they’re known for their outrageous burgers that feature extraterrestrial-colored buns, like the black and gold burger, but what you might not know is that Alien Burger has chicken tenders on the menu (as a side). , but it’s there). The chicken nuggets are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside and the ranch dressing served on the side is guaranteed to make you happy you live on planet Earth.

Alien Burger, various locations in Dubai., @alien_burger


Chicken is the name of the game in Jailbird, and the boys do they do chicken well. Chicken tenders come in two options. One is ‘basic’ and is directly linked to their signature sauce, the other is dangerous – covered in Nashville glaze and not for the faint of heart. They are Spicy with a capital S, but both are absolutely delicious.

Jailbird, various locations in Dubai,,


best chicken tenders in dubai

This delivery-only restaurant is definitely worth adding to your Zomato or Deliveroo order. Japang is a GCC brand that offers delicious and tasty fried chicken tenders. They have a wide array of sauces to choose from to drizzle your chicken with but it’s pure chicken goodness.

Japang, available for delivery near Dubai. @japangofficial


best chicken tenders in dubai

Open the bag, pour in the spices, shake and enjoy. Fryd is a wonderful choice for delicious chicken tenders. The questionable spice options include cajun, BBQ, garlic Parmesan and spicy curry all of which add a special zing to the usual chicken tender. You can order the tenders in a box of four or eight and the tenders come with a choice of delicious dipping sauces, too.

Fryd, available for delivery in Dubai, @fryd.uae

Dave’s Hot Chicken

best chicken tenders in dubai

The chicken shop we know and love. After recently opening another branch in the Motor City, Dave’s Hot Chicken has our hearts. Endorsed by the rapper Drake, these tenders are delicious and very attractive in the city of taste. A must try whenever you are in JBR or Motor City and they have also recently opened for delivery, so there is no excuse not to have these tenders. With seven different heat settings, it ensures that everyone is satisfied.

Dave’s Hot Chicken, The Walk JBR and First Avenue Mall, Motor City. @daveshotchickencc


One of our favorites, Slaw has great burgers to choose from but their chicken tenders are the best in Dubai. The house brand has five different heat levels that you can choose from in your three-piece tenders. It is served with sliced ​​cucumbers and bread. This restaurant delivers to various locations around Dubai, so you can consider your dinner plans, if planned.

Slaw, various places in Dubai. @house of law


There’s almost always a line at Salt, and for good reason. Although usually known for their delicious burgers, the chicken tenders come as a side but make no mistake, they are definitely one of the best chicken tenders you can eat.

Salt, various places in Dubai, @findsalt

The sides

Sides is created by the famous YouTube group – Sidemen, Sides fried chicken comes naked or loaded. You can choose your flavors and sauces for the naked tenders, while the packaged tenders are covered in cheese sauce, crispy onions and jalapeños, and your choice of sauce. They also, fortunately, ship products around the UAE.

Sides, available to order online. @eatsides

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