surprise! Hearthstone Players Get a Free Card Expansion Today | Tech Rasta

Card images and artwork from Hearthstone's Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

Guess who’s back! The OG Hearthstone Death Knight Hero Card returns in Standard mode for a month. (Image credit: Blizzard)

with unprecedented generosity (or creating an unprecedented exaggeration If you’re more of a cynic) Hearthstone brings back one of the most iconic card expansions. And available to all players for free, the Knights of the Frozen Throne set will be legal in standard form starting today. And it will continue until the Lich King’s March series on December 6th, which will be relegated back to free form.

As themed, bringing back the Knights of the Frozen Throne is a cool teaser. As it is the first Hearthstone to be introduced into the Death Knight saga as an immortal ‘hero card’ for each class. It also adds The Lich King as a legendary minion. This marks Arthas Menethil’s first appearance in a card game, as announced today. The Lich King expansion this coming March will finally add the Death Knight as a playable class, with Arthas being the default hero. Yes, it makes sense. Especially considering the beloved Knights of the Frozen Throne.

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