Silent Hill 2’s original translator was not told about the remake. | Tech Rasta

Bloober Team’s upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2 appears to be based on the original 2001 storyline, based on what we’ve seen so little: a trailer (one that Bloober Team CFO Tomasz Gawlikowski say (Opens in a new tab) is “UE5 in the engine” and “game nature” that combines the simulation of many scenes from the original game.

Jeremy Blaustein, who translated the script of Silent Hill 2 into English. including directing motion capture and voice-over production. Respond to the remake announced when Twitter (Opens in a new tab)“Cool!” he wrote. “And they will completely use the English script of SH2 that I wrote/translated (oh director too) myself. and I will receive zero compensation. And no one on Twitter tens of thousands of people would be offended by me instead.”

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