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Tablets are considered to be a device between a smartphone and a laptop. However, most current-era tablets, especially in the budget and mid-range segments, end up being big-screen versions of smartphones. That’s not a bad thing, but some of the novelties of differentiation, especially doing things a smartphone can’t do, greatly improve the experience. To understand how, let’s take the recently launched Realme Pad X as an example.

The Realme Pad X is based on the Android 12 operating system with Realme Pad UI 3.0 on top. The user interface looks similar to Android, as the familiar interface makes it easy for existing Android smartphone users to pick up the tablet and get started without having to read the user manual.

Even easier to use are interface elements designed for comfortable tablet use, such as side sliders for quick access to tools and apps from any window, resizable app windows to adjust app display on the home screen Size, split screen to see two apps side by side on screen, floating windows open apps in pop-ups. These features make it easier to use multiple apps in different windows at the same time, enabling multitasking. Additionally, the tablet supports drag and drop functionality.

In addition to the aforementioned extras (which are also available on Realme smartphones, but better on the Realme Pad X due to its larger screen), there’s “Limelight” – a new feature currently limited to the Realme Pad X. The feature is essentially Realme’s iteration of the Apple Center Stage feature. It uses the tablet’s wide-angle front-facing camera to automatically frame and keep the subject in the middle of the frame during video calls.

Also, when it detects multiple people in the frame, it automatically expands the view to accommodate multiple subjects in the view.

As a standalone device, Realme Pad X is perfect for learning and entertainment. But its utility goes beyond the general use of the add-on Pencil (Rs 5,499) and Smart Keyboard (Rs 4,999) accessories. Pencils and Smart Keyboards, while expensive, help with creative and productivity workloads.

Value-added features and additional accessories make the Realme Pad X a better tablet than the average tablet, but not perfect. Its screen lacks a high refresh rate and doesn’t support high dynamic range. While the screen is responsive, its touch response is inconsistent, which affects the gaming experience. Realme Pad X: Specifications

exhibit 10.95″ WUXGA+ TFT
speaker 4. Support Dolby Atmos
Battery 8340mAh, support 33W fast charge
processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G
camera 13MP rear camera, 105-degree 8MP wide-angle front camera
configure 4GB+64GB Wi-Fi, 4GB+64GB 5G, 6GB+128GB 5G
operating system Android 12
User Interface Realme Pad UI 3.0
price Starting at Rs 19,999
Accessories Realme Pencil and Smart Keyboard (sold separately)


The Realme Pad X is a worthy option in the mid-range tablet segment, with something for everyone. It is easy to use and operate due to its compact size and lightweight construction. Value-added features like Limelight give it an edge in the same segment, which is currently limited to some video calling apps like Google Duo, Meet, and Zoom, but works accurately. In addition, this tablet has several other features that make everyday use easy and fun. The Realme Pad X is an Android tablet you might consider if you need an assistive device for work, play, and everything in between.


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