Realme and Flipkart launch ‘Priority Pass’: Everything you need to know | Tech Rasta

Realme has Launch “Product” On Flipkart, those looking to buy a Realme smartphone can take advantage of it to buy a device with various perks.It’s called the “Realme Priority Pass” and it helps you save up to rupee1,000 when purchasing a smartphone.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the “Realme Priority Pass”:

(1.) The price of the pass is only rupee99. Customers can buy until September 7; from September 8, when they order Realme smartphones through Flipkart, they will receive a series of special offers.

(2.) The discounts are as follows: Additional discount of 5% to rupee1,000, free screen damage protection, and a free Disney-Hotstar subscription.

(3.) However, the offer is only available for selected smartphones from Chinese manufacturers; a list of such devices will be available soon.

(4.) In addition, this offer is non-refundable once purchased. In addition, Flipkart mentions the following in this pass: “Buy this product and win amazing cashback vouchers for the big sale 2022”.

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