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Persona 5 is an RPG masterpiece from Atlus, a video game studio known for high-quality RPGs. It has received numerous upgrades, Persona 5 Royal, which smooths out the rough edges of the original game. And add an 80 hour package with new characters. Story elements and music. With the PC release of Persona 5, Royal Atlus combines everything with a lot of good stuff, including a new challenge mode and additional characters. In short, $59.99 Persona 5 Royal is a nearly complete PC game. The model, which suffers from the occasional puzzling English translation and a few sneaky scenes.

Persona 5 Royal for PC

(Credit: Atlus)

The Persona series balances Japanese high school life and the horrors of Elder Rit who inhabit the human mind. In Persona 5 Royal, you are the leader of a global high school psychopath (Phantom Thieves). that attempts to maintain the overall cynicism and despair of a fictitious Tokyo. It’s amazing proof that Atlus developers nail it with impeccable flair.

Persona 5 Royal is an excellent all-around turn-based RPG. But its graphics and sound style are the standout elements. Whether it’s the beautiful and soaring vocals of “Life Will Change” or the heartfelt homage to “Take Off Your Mask,” few are available in any medium. As it is, it is very dynamic. Visually, Persona 5 Royal has lovingly portrayed the Tokyo area more than a dozen as a backdrop for school and social life. Dive into the dream world in the unconscious Tokyo to fight monsters is incredible. Packed with new and twisted re-imaginings of Isis, Gorgons, Tengu, and hundreds of other mythical creatures and figures.

Audio and video are a great trap for those who aren’t sure if they want to spend more than 150 hours playing the game. And the launch—a list with the coolest casino heist. A tense police investigation And the characters study on a rainy day—mixing the rush of adrenaline with the mediocrity of youth in Tokyo.

Persona 5 Royal for PC

(Credit: Atlus)


moreover These elements play with each other. Strengthen the main theme of the game. As your party of four prepares to delve into the realm of the surreal subconscious. Your actions in the real world are gone—and vice versa. Realms are represented by key set-pieces known as “palaces” and focus on a single character that magically turns into a degraded phenomenon.

As Royal’s story progresses, the Phantom Thieves find eight main palaces that they must manage. Each one plays differently with custom mechanics and puzzles and different themes. It is generally not outstanding. But some levels of the series (think Persona 3’s Tartarus or Persona 5’s Mementos) are procedurally generated events.

You have many choices in storytelling, because Persona 5 requires you to balance adventure and normal life. With a few exceptions, such as when Golden Week and pre-determined events occur. You have to study and find time to defeat the people’s personal demons. The fact that you and your team are the only ones who have the ability to get into the minds and hearts of others works well to keep the tension going. School is very important to the story. And you start the game on a trial basis and under the careful supervision of a system administrator. If you are fired, the game is over.

Persona 5 Royal for PC

(Credit: Atlus)

Persona 5 Royal gameplay

The gameplay is remarkably difficult beyond the typical “RPG” moniker, as Persona 5 Royal has so many important systems that flow and work together. That said, the psychological world focuses on combat that makes you and your troops appear against labyrinthine locations and twisted inhabitants. When your group encounters these “shadows”, the screen melts and changes. revealing their true and distorted forms. Although these themes are important in storytelling, But it’s an excuse for you to screw up your skull.

Browse the menus To find the best battle strategy is RPG territory. But it’s hard for game designers to keep turn-based games interesting in the modern era. However, this is where Persona 5 Royal shines. The combat is fast-paced. Each key action is paired with a single button for quick access. Critical strikes or inflicts a status effect on an enemy (Poison, Sleep, Confusion) causing you to attack again. Either with the same character or pass the extra parts of your turn to other party members. Personal actions such as melee attacks or gunfire It’s satisfying and satisfying. Plus, your team’s magic attacks feature flashy animations that find the beat with rampant fight songs.

Those combat elements provide a beautiful line of action that flows together seamlessly. in fact When things get real, the peons are unable to attack as you line up key shots and debilitating conditions accordingly. These chains are linked to every other type of team beating that the gang just smashed at the crippled monster. It’s not balanced at all and that’s the beauty of it.

Occasionally, especially during mechanically dense boss battles, Your team will meet its opponent. technically All enemies have the same skill and status. and their attacks could lead to a similar chain of destruction. but your social relationships If you choose to create it will give you an advantage Although at first the effect is minimal. But your team will receive powerful bonuses in time. For example, if you miss an attack. Your party members will shoot themselves for you. It’s a great way to add. “The power of friendship” to the heart of the game.

You may lose the battle here and there. But the real failure will come if you can’t manage the time. over time You will find yourself in need of work, friends, and free time. This is where side missions come in. They fragmented an otherwise distinctive school dungeon. These moments are often shared with other characters. with special attention to detail And it’s a long way to sell the emotional weight of travel.

Persona 5 Royal has so many quiet and tender moments that you just listen to other struggling students. Praying at a Shinto shrine or sympathize with the conflicting pressures of being fair and at peace for itself. Contrary to this backdrop, Persona 5 Royal’s surreal creatures stand out. After all, the world we hold inside and the world we share with even the ones we love the most are strikingly different.

New for Persona 5 Royal is a challenging battle that takes you to the protagonists of past games.

Persona 5 Royal for PC

(Credit: Atlus)

Icky section and English translation

One of the few drawbacks could be a deal-breaker for some. After 20 hours in the game, there’s an awkward scene where the group presents a single woman, Ann Takamaki, as a “bait” for an intricate plan to unfold. the palace The plan involved posing nude with her art students. Ann resisted and interrupted the process. Ultimately it leaves her to stick to her boundaries. It could be much worse. But the fact that this artist Yusuke joined your party is strange. (And the situation will not be discussed again)

It’s not very violent, but Persona 5 Royal does include some examples of translations that don’t have the right context for those unfamiliar with Japanese. For example, the school sells “fried bread” and “yakisoba pans” to many anime fans. (especially of Yakitate Japan) Know that “pan” also refers to bread and the difference between the two food items. However, anyone who is unfamiliar with the difference may be somewhat confused.

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Can Your PC Run Persona 5 Royal?

You don’t need a high-performance gaming PC to explore the world of Persona 5 Royal according to the game’s Steam page. Your device must have at least a 3.5GHz AMD Ryzen 5 or 3.4GHz, 4th-gen Intel Core i7 CPU; 8GB RAM; Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti GPU; and 41GB of free storage.

Our test bed, a Zen 4 powered laptop with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU and 32GB of RAM, pushed games to over 90 frames per second. On a desktop PC with a Core i7-5820K CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU and 32GB Persona 5 Royal RAM. moving at consistent 120fps (at 1440p pixels) On the bright side, the RPG is compatible with the Steam Deck.

On PC Persona 5 Royal supports game controllers, Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, and Steam Trading Cards. Unfortunately, Sega publishers use the infamous Denuvo Anti-Cheat DRM.

RPG masterpiece

Vanilla Persona 5 is a glorious role-playing game, and even more royal. If you’ve never played Persona 5 before, there’s never been a better time for you to experience heartfelt narratives and surrealistic moments. If you’ve played Persona 5 before, the new DLC is a nice bonus. Either way, the story, music, art and cast make this RPG a must-have item in your Steam library.

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  • Exciting turn-based battles

  • Excellent social bonding element

  • lovely actor

  • amazing soundtrack

  • great visual style

  • Steam Deck support

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bottom line

Persona 5 Royal leaps to PC and offers the same exciting gameplay and impressive moments as the first release. But now there is a new mode. fresh character Additional music and all previous DLC

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