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You can grab Persona 5 Royal, one of the best recent memory RPGs on PC, for just $52.79 (regularly $60) via Fanatical, an unlock key on Steam, and it’s only available to US customers. As with all Fanatical purchases, you will receive a 5% discount coupon for future purchases.

In Persona 5, players control the Joker, the leader of the mysterious Phantom Thieves vigilante. The Joker and his party jump between the real world and the “Metaverses,” a realm created by humanity’s unconscious mobs filled with Demons and powerful creatures known as Personas, in this dreamlike land, Phantom Thieves explore dungeons. Fight enemies and steal the “hearts” of corrupt teachers, politicians and public figures for the prosperity of society. During a dungeon crawl You socialize with your party and other NPCs to increase your character’s skills and intimacy.

Persona 5 Royal is an upgraded and expanded version of Persona 5 that adds new party members, dungeons, story lines, and other gameplay changes to the beloved RPG. This game is a big game. Clocking in for over 100 hours, depending on how much time you spend making friends and collecting the game’s many Personas. Fortunately, it’s compatible with Steam Deck, so you can use it on your phone.

Persona 5 is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You can read more about the game in GameSpot’s 10/10 Persona 5 Royal review.

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