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Vancouver, British Columbia–(Business Wire)–Penny AI, a global leader in data-driven direct sales enablement, is launching learning solutions to empower social sellers with engagement-driven micro-learning.

Having raised $27 million in Series B funding, Penny is committed to investing in onboarding, continuous learning and social commerce, innovating how sellers are set up for success from Day 1. Launching today is the industry’s first micro-learning experience embedded in social selling. An enablement platform. Learning solutions deliver big wins in small doses while working.

To lead the development of the Learning Solutions product, Penny AI Lauren Mason Carris, Ph.D. For her expertise in adult learning and skills-based personal learning software. Lauren led a product team to develop a behavior-based digital learning experience that shows adults how to learn what social sellers need to succeed.

“The hardest part of building a business is learning to juggle while doing. Our new learning solutions provide continuous training in the workplace (Penny), allowing salespeople to learn about the industry, their company and business building activities while completing tasks. As a result, salespeople are learning,” said Lauren, VP of Product at Penney. Mason Carris said. “To learn to work, it must be effective, relevant, adequate and timely. So we built exactly that.

Learning Solutions is a natural next step to support social sellers as they build their business with Penny. It is the first platform in the market that combines science with learning. Practice solutions include:

  • Best Social Selling Curriculum

  • A gamified learning experience

  • Micro doses of content

  • Application of skills for income-oriented tasks

  • Insights into learning retention and business effectiveness

  • Ability for participants to transform their own content into behavior-based learning modules

Learning Solutions is designed to address corporate and vendor onboarding challenges, ensuring every vendor receives the right training at the right time so they can successfully build a business.

“When I talk to anyone in the social sales community, be it corporate teams, leaders or salespeople, one of the main challenges to organizational growth and long-term success is levels of salesperson confusion due to ineffective onboarding and training,” he said. David Abbey, CEO & Co-Founder of Penny AI. “Software truly changes lives and I believe that with Penny’s learning solutions, new salesperson revenue decreases, salesperson retention increases, efficiency and overall trust increases, and the end customer’s lifetime value increases as a result. ”

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About Penny

Penny is an AI-powered platform designed for modern social sellers. Focused on customer-centric processes, Penny is customized to each client’s unique business needs, with simple, repeatable steps that help the field build and grow their businesses.

CEO & Co-Founder, David Abbey and CTO & Co-Founder, Chirs Noble created Penny to support David’s wife’s global social sales business when all other online tools lacked the customer-centric approach so critical to social selling success.

Fast forward to today, and Penny is transforming the social selling industry, identifying a gap in the $200 billion industry for digital innovation that drives revenue growth, seller retention and customer satisfaction.

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