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The President’s Choice PC Insiders report returns for the summer and is back to life online and in larger, brick-and-mortar formats.

A Loblaw spokesman said: “From more copies of the report landing in the store. to the store sign that has an impact and a large sampling project that started soon. Our focus is on making this a reality for our customers in our stores,” said a Loblaw spokesperson.

The company has more than 100 new products, recipes and ideas.Lant products are also integrated into the entire PC portfolio. Thus, Loblaw consumers can know about all the options it offers, such as grilling, so that they can make the right choice for them while viewing the product. Innovation will continue with a plant-based line that already has more than 80 products for one of Canada’s largest portfolios.

Kathlyne Ross, vice president of product development and innovation at Loblaw, says, “Our mission is to bring innovation” to the kitchen table. from plant-based options for grilling to the latest restaurant-inspired cocktails.

The top picks are Pizza Oven for PC. Maple Cedar Salmon and Plant-Based Chickpeas Sweet Potato Burger and Pomegranate Lemonade

last fall Grocery Banners opted for a multidimensional approach to relaunch the Insiders’ Report as it became a publication once again. This is complemented by signs and holograms inside the store. and included as part of Broader campaigns on TV, OLV, display and social.

Prior to that, the marketing round of the previous Summer Insider Report was primarily focused on yuzu, with the ad focusing on products that incorporated what the company described as the next trending flavor.

on the contrary This year’s campaign, featuring President and Loblaw President Galen Weston once again, is about breadth and diversity. Executives are quick to mention more than 100 products as much as they can. From cakes to fish until the new lemonade flavor .

The media in this campaign is overseen by Loblaw Media as the principal unit with Dentsu, with Citizen Relations serving as public relations.

PC Insiders Report was first released in 1983 as a seasonal journal highlighting products, trends, and recipes ahead of the summer and holiday shopping season.

PC products are available at Loblaw Banner stores across the country. Canadaincluding Loblaws, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart and Zehrs.


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