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Filipino boy band SB19 played a one-off show at the Dubai World Trade Center on Saturday on the first stop of their new WYAT (Where You At) world tour.

Although the five-piece – Pablo, Stell, Ken, Justin and Josh – performed earlier this year at Expo 2020 Dubai, the Sheikh Rashid Hall concert hall was packed with fans holding glow sticks and recording clips of the band as they performed. The biggest hits, including Mapa, Bazinga and their latest single Wyatt (Where are you).

“It was a blast, we had the best night,” Sheryl Iman said Of the Nation. “We really enjoyed the night from start to finish, we even enjoyed the sound check.”

Iman, who has been a fan of the band since their 2019 single Go up went viral, is the head of the United A’Tin of Emirates fan group in the UAE, which has more than 120 members.

“The concert was exciting and exciting,” he says. “Even though we saw them in March for the 2020 Expo, seeing them perform live in front of us again was amazing. I have no words for how amazing they were.”

SB19 has not only gained fans around the world since the release of their debut single in 2018, but they have already broken records as a Filipino boy band.

While there are many P-pop groups in the Philippines, SB19’s modern sound combined with their Filipino flair, has been credited with paving the way for many acts to come in the genre.

Last year, the group picked up a nomination for the MTV Europe Music Awards and became the first Southeast Asian act to be nominated for Notice board Best Social Artist Award. They continued this success by spending seven weeks at the top Notice boardThis year’s Top Hits chart, breaking BTS’s record for most popular K-pop artists Butter in the process.

Known as the biggest P-pop band of their generation, SB19’s rise to fame has touched their fans.

“Their talent is unique and when they perform they give more than 100 percent on stage,” says Iman.

“They started on their own without having any relationship. They only had their fans who supported them from 2018 so their story is something close to our hearts, because their story is our story.

WYAT’s SB19 world tour continues in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Singapore.

Updated: 30 October 2022, 8:15 AM


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