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Boo! Am I shocking you? Good. I’m currently competing for the title of Master Juggler at RPS and I won’t have a chance to get this promotion again unless I hit the awesome quota each day. If only there was a way I could put together the horrible stories told to my colleagues and claim them all as my own.

open! I got you again! They don’t call me Merry Trickster Of UK PC Gaming Websites for nothing! You’ve been Halloween’d my friend! to celebrate the horror season I’ve rounded up seven members of the RPS Treehouse to recount a moment from the PC game that scares them the most. The results were as I expected. Some of the events recounted in the classic horror game shocked them unconsciously. While others share anecdotes about the game that most are not terrifying at all. The result are seven ghost tales that will surely cool your bones on all Halloween night.

in the video above You will find this terrifying test. Gaze in horror as you hear what Katharine discovered in the basement of Resident Evil Village’s House Beneviento! Get terrified by Ollie’s story of survival in the garden in Grounded! Scream out loud as Rebecca reveals everything about Shivers, an obscure ’90s adventure game! Get lost while Rachel talks about gnomes in Puzzle Agent! Do I still have to be pregnant? James is here to talk about what lurks in the waters of Far Cry 3. Alice B warns us about the haunted inn in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines and Hayden scares the older generation in Resident Evil 7. : Biohazard, don’t say I didn’t warn!

You might be thinking, “Liam! What’s the scariest moment in PC gaming?” That’s a good question. Since I forgot to answer the question myself in the video. againI think the scariest thing I’ve ever come across is the Halloween level in Theme Park World. I was young when I first played it. And the music alone terrified me so much that I used to avoid parks altogether. Because of the way the levels are unlocked in the game, that means I can’t get to the last step of the space-themed game. Which caused me a lot of trouble at that time. What an embarrassing thing to admit, go on.

when you’re done Be sure to check out our awesome collection of Halloween items we’ve released until the big day. There were some fussy things in there. Including a list of games for those who aren’t big fans of things to bump into at night. We also have a list of the best traditional horror games on PC. If you want to scare yourself unconscious tonight

No, I don’t want to talk about the intro of this video. Forget it ever happened. Cheers.


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