Modern Warfare 2 players are falling in love with a new anti-camping tool. | Tech Rasta

I’ll start by saying that I enjoy camping a lot, in a “back to nature” feel in real life and in the context of a multiplayer shooter. where I put myself in a dark corner somewhere and make life miserable for anyone who crossed my line of fire. From a personal point of view The advent of Modern Warfare 2’s drill cost (Opens in a new tab) Not good, but for players who hate camp and want nothing more than to be completely wiped out—most players. In other words—it truly is heaven.

The drill charge is a highly explosive charge with a cooling lance attached to it. This allows it to penetrate or penetrate the surface before it explodes. It seems that it takes time and careful effort to set up. And in real life I’m sure it must, but in Modern Warfare 2 you can wind it up and chuck it like a normal grenade. It hits, it clings, it digs, it explodes.

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