Modern Warfare 2 Has ‘No Prepaid Phone’ Requirements Like Overwatch 2 | Tech Rasta

Blizzard announced last week that all Overwatch 2 players must attach a phone number to their account in order to play the game. abuse in the game But there’s one major problem: the new 2FA system, called SMS Protect, doesn’t accept certain numbers. “Including top-up and VOIP”. This understandably caused an uproar. Because it means if you have a prepaid cell phone. You won’t be able to play Overwatch.

It was a bewildering move. Getting a phone number for ranked games is nothing new—Dota 2. (Opens in a new tab) Implemented the said policy in 2017 and Rainbow Six Siege (Opens in a new tab) The requirements are the same—but calling for access to the game. and excluding a large number of potential players based solely on the phone plan of their choice. It is a completely different level of restriction. The anti-policy trend was strong enough that Blizzard quickly eased the phone number requirement. (Opens in a new tab) For some Overwatch players

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