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Microsoft unveils new Surface computers—tablets, laptops, and PCs.

Microsoft On Wednesday it unveiled three Surface computers as the company celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Surface tablet.

At an event in New York, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Laptop 5, Surface Pro 9 Convertible Tablet, and Surface Studio 2+ All-in-One PC.

The 13.5-inch Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5 start at $1,000, while the Surface Studio 2+ starts at $4,300. All three come with Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system, which launched last year.

All new Surface models will be available in select markets starting Oct. 25 and in more markets in the coming months, Microsoft said.

This is the main feature of the new device.

Surface Pro 9

The Surface Pro 9 is a combination of Microsoft’s laptop and tablet. It runs on an Intel 12th-generation processors and now with 5G connectivity options, 12th-generation should be much faster than Intel’s 11th-generation processors, which is what drives the Pro 8.

The Surface Pro 9 has a 13-inch display and comes with a 120Hz display. Disappointingly, the 5G Pro 9 model doesn’t have a Thunderbolt port, which allows for faster video file transfers.

The 5G model has a battery life of up to 19 hours, compared to the Surface Pro 8 up to 16 hours. The Surface Pro 9 on Intel silicon has a battery life of up to 15.5 hours.

Prices range from $1,000 to $1,900 depending on storage.

Surface Laptop 5

Surface Laptop 5.


Surface Laptop 5 features a 12th Gen Intel Core processor, available in 13.5-inch and 15-inch models, both with touchscreen.

Microsoft says it has 17 hours of battery life and an improved camera for face-to-face calls. The Surface Laptop 5 also has a Thunderbolt 4 port for the first time. Connect your laptop to a 4K monitor, charge and transfer data quickly for large video files.

For movie and TV streaming, the Laptop 5 also offers Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos picture quality for upgraded sound quality.

Surface Laptop 5 ranges in price from $1,000 to $2,400 depending on storage.

Surface Studio 2+

Surface Studio 2+


The Surface Studio 2+ is Microsoft’s all-in-one desktop PC that will replace the Surface Studio 2 since 2018. The new 28-inch touchscreen device rests on a zero-gravity hinge. This allows the user to raise and lower the display. Runs on 11th Gen Intel Core H-35 processors.

Users can split the display into different app windows. Get four windows at once Equipped with a USB-C port and a Thunderbolt port, the streaming experience is also enhanced with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos for enhanced sound quality.

The Surface Studio 2+ starts at $4,300, a 22% increase from its 2018 predecessor, which sold for $3,500.


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