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Loblaw Companies Ltd. and Silicon Valley startup Gatik today announced the launch of a driverless box truck to deliver online grocery orders for Loblaw’s PC Express service.

The driver will remain on hand to take over if necessary. But it must be prepared in the passenger seat, Gatik told Global News.

According to a press release released by Gatik today, Loblaw and Gatik have been testing the viability of the driverless truck. More than 150,000 auto-loaded cargoes with drivers have been safe on board since January 2020.

The driverless truck has been cleared to travel on a “fixed, repetitive, and predictable” route from the Loblaw distribution center to five PC Express locations in the Greater Toronto Area. The trucks run seven days a week to carry a wide variety of cargo.

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Loblaw to test autonomous trucks in the Greater Toronto Area starting this January

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The company added that they have a 100 percent safety record.

Loblaw’s head of technology and analytics, David Markwell, said that working with Gatik has shown that autonomous driving technology can help supply chains efficiently. This allows frequent delivery of orders to customers.

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“Being the first in Canada to have this technology and implementing a driverless solution is exciting. And it shows our commitment to making grocery shopping better for our customers,” Markwell said.

Gautam Narang, CEO and co-founder of Gatik, said this is expanding Gatik’s automated delivery services to Loblaw customers across multiple sites.

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“Canada is the latest market where we have launched a fully driverless service. This further proves that the tangible benefits of automated shipping were first realized in B2B short-haul logistics. Canada’s largest,” said Narong.

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In 2021, Walmart has launched its first automated delivery in the United States in partnership with Gatik.

A three-month third-party security audit commissioned by Loblaw also took place, where Gatik’s independent technology was certified, according to the statement.

“Assessments include sending degraded/incorrect sensor data. GPS jamming/spoofing, incorrect acceleration with an object in front, etc.,” the document states.

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