Kerbal Space Program Studio is working on something new. | Tech Rasta

Intercept Games was founded in early 2020. (Opens in a new tab) to take over development of Kerbal Space Program 2, which at that point was developed at Kerbal’s original Star Theory Games studio at the time, almost a direct name change due to the “key members” of the Kerbal 2 team, including the former. Star Theory studio head Jeremy Ables, producer Nate Simpson, and executive producer Nate Robinson have all moved to Intercept to continue working on the game.

The process hasn’t been completely smooth since then. At the time, Kerbal Space Program 2 was scheduled to be released before March 31, 2021, but after a series of delays, it was released. It is not expected to arrive at the beginning of 2023 now. (Opens in a new tab)Additionally, recently it was discovered that Intercept Games was built specifically for Kerbal 2, but another game is on the way.

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