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  • Tweet Hunter’s AI tweet generator is going viral on social media lately.
  • An AI tweet generator analyzes user tweets and then tries to write new posts in the same style.
  • If the AI ​​tweet generator doesn’t work, wait a few moments and then try again.

Twitter has millions of active users, all sending thousands of tweets every minute. In this sea of ​​content, it can be difficult to come up with new things to say – so why not outsource the work to AI?

But seriously, TweetHunter’s AI Tweet Generator is a free tool that analyzes your tweets, then tries to come up with a bunch of new posts that sound like something you’d want to write. The site has been going semi-viral for the past few days, with Twitter users sharing AI’s best attempts at imitating them.

Here’s how it works and how to make your own.

How to use AI Tweet Generator

The generator is a free tool made by social media marketing company Tweet Hunter and you can find it on their website.

Once there, type in your Twitter username or the username of someone whose tweets you want to see. @twitter_handle field. press Enter/Return or press Arrow symbol To start production.

After a moment, the site returns with up to nine fake tweets.

Each tweet has three buttons: A Post on Twitter An option you can click to share the fake tweet, and Thumbs up and thumbs down buttons You can use it to rate how accurate a fake tweet is. Using thumb symbols will train the bot to write more accurately.

Two tweets were created with the Tweet Hunter AI Tweet Generator.

The site generates a maximum of nine tweets.

Tweet Hunter

Note that the AI ​​is not very intelligent. The tweets it generates are usually nonsensical, vaguely inspirational quotes, or overly formal messages about finance. Don’t be shocked if most of your fake tweets sound nothing like you.

What to do if AI tweet generator doesn’t work

Tweet Hunter’s AI tool has become very popular recently and occasionally the site becomes too overloaded to function properly. When this happens, the site may stop responding or you may receive a “limit reached” message.


This pop-up appears if you generate too many tweets in a short period of time.

Tweet Hunter

If the generator doesn’t work for you, your best bet is to wait a few minutes and then try again. Try to wait at least ten minutes.

Alternatively, if the site tells you that you’ve reached the limit, try using a different internet connection or connect to a VPN.

You should not refresh the page immediately, this will put more stress on the servers, leading to more crashes. But if you’ve tried a few times and the page isn’t responding, refreshing might help.

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