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AI is one of the top new technologies in the pest control industry, as published in the report Artificial Intelligence and IoT-Based Technologies for Sustainable Farming and Smart Agriculture.

Currently, the agriculture sector is facing major challenges due to the changes in the global climate. Increased precipitation, droughts, global warming and extreme weather events have threatened traditional production and caused the spread of once troublesome pests.

As seeds, plants and soils are exchanged internationally, pests spread to many parts of the world and cause problems such as insecticide resistance, secondary spread and reduced resistance of host plants.

In this current state of the world, it is clear that new technologies like AI will play a vital role in overcoming these major obstacles.

AI in agriculture

Companies like AgroSmart are providing unique AI solutions to the world of agriculture. The company uses AI to identify and count insects caught in intelligently distributed pheromone traps equipped with sensors. These sensors transfer data to the Internet so that experts can identify and count insects.

The findings can be delivered to individual farmers via smartphone, so they can decide which (if any) chemicals to use to protect their crops.

AI in Pest Identification

Some companies have developed smartphone apps that help technicians identify specific bugs. Agricultural, household and vehicle fumigators who want to safely kill pests always choose the least toxic chemical possible to get the job done effectively.

Humans live in small spaces such as houses and cars, some of which (for example, children and elderly passengers or occupants) are vulnerable to certain chemical components.

However, new pests brought from other destinations may be difficult to detect, making it a challenge to correctly select the safest, most effective remedy. New apps allow fumigators to take a photo of any bug and rely on artificial intelligence to correctly identify it and suggest an appropriate solution.

AI and Marketing for Pest Control Companies

Due to high level of competition it is difficult for pest control companies to reach target customers. AI can help companies stand out for their innovation in many ways. For example, it can be used to deliver personalized messages to clients at appropriate points in the customer lifecycle.

It can also help pest control companies identify consumers at risk — for example, if a new pest infects a local population or an area where agricultural land is found.

Finally, AI can be used to help companies determine the most effective channels of advertising – as machine learning can help identify the right channels and the right time to promote services. It is also used to target ads to potential clients based on their location, buyer intent, purchase history and more.

AI is completely reframing the pest control game. It is helping farmers identify and combat pests that threaten the integrity of their crops. New apps, meanwhile, are enabling users to instantly identify pests and act accordingly.

Finally, AI is being used as part of cutting-edge marketing strategies to reach target clients more effectively.

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