Google’s Halloween Doodle is a cute ghost duel game. | Tech Rasta


Isn’t the novelty of Google’s doodle really deteriorating? Doodles are a great way to identify historical dates. But when it comes to holidays and celebrations, Google has put in the effort and sometimes even brought a small game to play instead.

This year, Google is bringing back the game from Halloween: Great Ghoul Duel. This 4v4 arena battle is part of Snake and, it’s all about collecting Spirit Flames across the map and bringing them back. come to your base The team with the most flames at the end of time wins. Easy, right?

However, there is one wrinkle: if your Spirit Flames chain is intercepted by an enemy team, They can steal flames. and you will be numb for a second and lamented the loss of the hard-earned orb. It’s pretty easy to get hangs. And there are even some achievements you can get if you’re really interested in the game. It’s a good little Halloween, and I’m always thankful when there are scary games without too much fear.

(Image Credit: Google)

When the Doodles arrived, Google was a little bit together. information page (Opens in a new tab) on the project and sometimes notes on how it was built. The Great Ghoul Duel’s page has some credit. New game character sketches and even the names of the ghosts you play when you start a battle. My favorite is the little ghost cat with fish in its mouth. Their name is Olive. and I will do anything for them.


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