Former world number 21 Cirstea takes on Adidas over contracts with tennis players | Tech Rasta

Romania’s Sorana Cirstea lamented how brands value players’ “appearance” more than performance when drawing up contracts, saying Adidas told her “it’s better to have the look good and be in the Top 20 than to not look so good and be number one”.

Cirstea, who is currently ranked 38th in women’s singles, made the comments on Romanian podcast ‘La Fileu’ last week while discussing endorsement deals given to female tennis players.

The 32-year-old, formerly sponsored by Adidas, said American, Chinese, Japanese and British players are the highest paid, but “Eastern Europe doesn’t really sell”.

“I remember, for example, when I had a contract with Adidas, considering that I looked pretty good for an athlete, they told me that it was better to look good and be in the Top 20 than not looking so good and being number one,” Cirstea said.

“When you’re in the Top 20, you’re seen anyway, you’re there at every tournament, and they were telling me that it’s better to be beautiful in the Top 10, Top 20 than less beautiful and number one.

“Of course you realize they have their own quotas, it’s a deal.” Cirstea reached a career high of 21 in 2013.

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