First-quarter PC shipments are strong despite declines from 2021. | Tech Rasta


PC shipments fell 5.1% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period last year, according to industry analyst IDC. But the delivery was still more than expected.

Overall, 80.5 million desktops, notebooks and workstations shipped in the first quarter of the year, down from 84.8 million in the same quarter of 2021. However, this is the seventh consecutive quarter of over 80 million shipments. Machine industry has not been successful since 2012.

Last quarter’s results ended two years of double-digit growth. As the PC sector benefits from the shift to remote working caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

“The focus shouldn’t be on the year-over-year decline in PCs, because that’s to be expected. The focus should be on the PC industry that manages to ship more than 80 million PCs at a time when logistics and supply chains remain turbulent. along with many political challenges and pandemics,” said Ryan Reith, Group Vice President of IDC’s Worldwide.

Lenovo shipped 18.3 million most of its devices, down 9.2% compared to the same quarter last year. accounted for a market share of 22.7%

HP follows Lenovo with 15.8 million units shipped, down 17.8% from the previous year. resulting in a market share of 19.7%

Dell, on the other hand, recorded another strong quarter with sales up 6.1% from the same period in 2021 to 13.7 million units, representing a 17.1% market share.

Despite having less market share, Apple also had a strong first quarter. The tech giant’s Mac sales grew 4.3% to 7.2 million, representing an 8.9% market share.

Asus’ shipments rose an impressive 17.7% to 5.5 million units for a 6.9% share, while Acer’s shipments totaled 5.4 million units for a 6.8% market share. 5.9 percent forced Asus to reduce the total number of shipments

Even though sales are down But the sector remains strong, with Lenovo reporting $20 billion in revenue in the third quarter of last year, with 88% coming from sales of PCs, smartphones and other devices. Similarly, Dell and HP reported strong sales in the final quarter of 2021, where same revenue reported revenue growth of 16.9 percent to $27.9 billion. And the latter saw revenue increase 13% to $11.8 billion from the same period last year.


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