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for most people Hardware issues and slow transmissions are annoying. But if you are behind most of the cloud-supported operating systems, Android, and IoT, then your problem can become a huge problem for others. many as well

Linux creator Linus Torvalds told kernel contributors on Sunday that he was merging “very slow” from one of his laptops as he waited for “new ECC memory DIMMS to arrive. “

ECC means memory. “Error code” designed to protect against certain types of attacks.

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As for Torvalds’ current obstacles to integrating code for Linux kernel version 6.1, kernel bugs – which are normally suspected – are not the cause.

“Actually, the DIMM my machine randomly does badly after 2.5 years of it’s completely stable. Come to think of it, check first by booting an old kernel and running memtest86+ overnight,” he explains in his mailing list. Developed Linux kernel found by registry.

“My new memory is “Shipping” so hopefully I’ll be back up and running at full speed this evening. But I’ll probably leave memtest86+ overnight with a new DIMM just because this isn’t the greatest experience ever. It’s a waste of time blaming the wrong thing because _surely it wasn’t my sudden hardware failure,” he wrote.

In early 2020, during the first wave of epidemic restrictions, Torvalds replaced the main ‘frankenbox’ PC from an i9-9900k with one equipped with a 32-core AMD Threadripper 3970x processor. that For the first time in 15 years his desktop didn’t use Intel. As a result of his move away from Intel, his ‘allmodconfig’ tests were tripled.

Torvalds clarified that his system is “ECC ready” except he built it during the first COVID-19 restrictions on “No ECC memory at a reasonable price”

β€œAnd I never went to fix it. Until the blunders are hard to detect, I *hate* crazy industry politics and bad sellers. That makes the ECC memory ‘extra’ https://news.google. com/__i/rss/rd/articles/”

Torvalds last year implemented Intel’s ECC memory policy, “Intel is detrimental to the entire industry and to users because of its bad and misguided policy wrt. [with regards to] ECC seriously,” he wrote.

Torvalds is also using an Apple M1 silicon laptop for development work with the Asahi Linux project, which is working to bring the Arch Linux distro to Apple’s M1 architecture.


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