Dubai: Two women are jailed for attacking and kidnapping another woman after defrauding them of Dh2,000 | Tech Rasta

They sent inappropriate pictures of her to her male colleague, who then reported the incident to the police

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Published: Tuesday 25 Oct 2022, 7:26 AM

Two women have been jailed after kidnapping and holding another woman.

The details of the case began in July, when a man filed a report saying that a female co-worker had been kidnapped, assaulted, and held captive by two women.

According to the complainant’s explanation in the investigation, he received a message with pictures showing his female colleague wearing indecent clothes and bruises on her face.

He added that he received a call from one of the two defendants after receiving the photos of his colleague. He asked him for Dh2,000 to release his colleague. He was given one hour to withdraw the amount. After promising to pay him, he informed the police about the incident.

According to police records, the CID team reached the place where the woman was detained and arrested the two kidnappers. They admitted to detaining the victim who had previously defrauded them by offering them jobs as security guards at the company he works for.

Another added that the victim received Sh2,000 from him for providing work for him and another accused, but he did not fulfill his promise and turned off his phone so that they could not contact him.

The Court of Appeal in Dubai accepted the Court of First Instance’s decision to sentence the women to three years in prison.


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