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RTA announces treasure hunt, Public Transport Day competition

Published: Monday 24 October 2022, 5:43 PM

Last updated: Tuesday 1 Nov 2022, 11:50 AM

Public transport users in Dubai get a chance to win one million nol Plus points during a campaign that started on Tuesday, October 25. nol Plus points for all public transport users have been tripled during the campaign until November 1.

nol Plus is a loyalty program where members earn points when they use their nol cards at any facilities such as public transport services. These can be redeemed for discounts and offers later.

This comes as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announces details of the 13th Public Transport Day.

RTA will award 115 winners. The first winner will receive one million nol Plus points, while the second and third winners will receive 500,000 and 250,000, respectively.

This year, the authority aims to encourage residents to choose public transport for “better physical and mental health and to enjoy leisure time instead of the hassles of driving”.

Public Transport Day is held in conjunction with the Dubai Fitness Challenge which started on October 29. The initiative encourages residents to set aside 30 minutes for fitness for 30 days.

The RTA has asked residents and public transport users to register online for the loyalty scheme.

Image: Provided

Image: Provided

Accelerate to slow down

Public Transport Day celebrations, which will precede the start of the RTA anniversary on November 1, will be held under #SpeedUpSlowDown. The idea is to have residents and tourists speed up when it comes to increasing physical activity and slowing down to enhance peace of mind.

The first day of the campaign includes sports and health activities and exercises. These include the ‘Stop Moving’ initiative which encourages healthy living on public transport, and ‘Quick Rest’ on trams and cruise lines. The program sends WhatsApp messages at specific geographic locations to passengers within a 500-meter radius around each station, encouraging them to meditate, relax and use proper breathing techniques.

Health map

Among the initiatives is a digital map of all health centers along public transport routes, which can be easily downloaded by scanning a smart code. These places can include parks, jogging tracks, fitness centers and retail stores for health and other products. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of competitions and sports exercises at certain points within the domain of public transport.

Treasure hunt

This year’s edition of the Public Transport Day celebration includes the ‘Treasure Hunt’ competition, which will start today November 1. This year, the competition will combine the real and virtual world to discover hidden treasure, as well as real currency hidden in public. transportation hubs in Dubai. It can also be a virtual currency acquired digitally. Tips will be provided to passengers and social media influencers.


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