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The municipality is launching the Naahidi for Food Safety campaign in the 16th edition of DIFSC which explores future trends.

Officer signs pledge to handle food safely at DIFSC in Dubai.  - Image provided

Officer signs pledge to handle food safely at DIFSC in Dubai. – Image provided

Published: Tuesday 1 Nov 2022, 11:06 PM

Residents of Dubai are being asked to take a pledge to handle food safely at home and in the office. Dubai Municipality’s (DM) ‘I Pledge to Food Safety’ campaign targets homeowners, children, domestic helpers and anyone who cooks or handles food.

With the aim of achieving at least 1 million pledges in the coming months, the municipality will conduct awareness campaigns in and around public places in Dubai on food safety practices. This was announced at the 16th Dubai International Food Safety Conference (DIFSC) which explores future trends in food safety and security.

“This is a social campaign that we want to help people understand food safety in a simple way,” said Jehaina AlAli, manager of Permits and Applied Nutrition Section at Dubai Municipality. “We will provide practical tips on how to ensure food is safe when handling and cooking it.”

Sign the Pledge

The goal of the campaign is to ensure that food safety becomes a part of everyone’s daily life. “We want food safety to be part of their culture,” said Sultan Al Taher, director of the Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality. “We want people to have safe food-related habits in their daily lives.”

The I Pledge is an integrated effort to spread the word about food safety and ensure compliance. In the era of online shopping, DM officials want to ensure that residents follow all precautions to maintain food safety.

The official said the campaign will aim to involve young people and promise them to make food safety a part of their culture,” said AlAli. ‚ÄúSince food is a very important part of our daily life, we cannot compromise food safety in any way.

The general public can take the pledge at The site will also share general tips on how to maintain food safety. The Minister of Climate Change and Environment Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri became the first person to sign up for the pledge at the opening ceremony of DIFSC.

The food safety conference brings together more than 3,000 international experts, including 60 expert speakers to discuss food safety and security.

At the opening ceremony of DIFSC, Almheiri said the Covid-19 pandemic is a learning experience in detecting supply chain issues. According to him, since then, the ministry has worked in three basic areas – promoting local production, launching partnerships with exporting nations, and facilitating border crossing.

This year, the conference focuses on how to achieve food safety in supply chains using various innovative technologies. Using AI, data and the metaverse, DM will aim to design sustainable solutions and develop global food systems.


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