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There are many places in the emirate that only operate during the winter months, and allow people to experience the beauty that the city has to offer outside.

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Published: Sunday 30 Oct 2022, 9:32 AM

Winter is here! As the temperatures drop, Dubai turns into a winter wonderland – full of fun activities for the whole family to do. People are taking advantage of the weather to enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking and picnicking.

There are many places in the emirate that only operate during the winter months, and allow residents and visitors to experience the beauty that Dubai has to offer in a pleasant outdoor setting.

This year, ticket prices for the three winter attractions have changed as new features and activities are added for guests to enjoy.

1. Global Village

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Global Village opened for its 27th season on October 25. The large destination area boasts traditional pavilions and exhibits, and new attractions such as a pedestrianized Asian Street and an Asian-themed floating market.

Several new pavilions have been added this year – Qatar and Oman.

A new value ticket has also been introduced, which is only valid from Sunday to Thursday.

– New Global Village ticket prices: Tickets purchased online come with a 10 percent discount. Any day tickets are Dh25 (Dh22.5 online). Value tickets are available for Dh20 (Dh18 online) and are valid Sunday to Thursday except public holidays. Park entry tickets are valid for one entry.

– Global Village old ticket price: Dh15

2. Dubai Garden Illumination

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The Zaabel Park attraction is back this year with many new exhibits. It includes five parks – Glow Park, Ice Park, Dinosaur Park, Magic Park, Art Park – that set the mood with lights arranged in eye-catching settings and animatronics.

The newest addition, the Glowing Ride, has lots of lights in the shape of animals and flowers. Attractions throughout the park are designed using more than 10 million energy-saving light bulbs.

– New Dubai Garden Glow ticket price: Dh70 including 5 percent VAT

– Dubai Garden Glow old ticket price: Dh65 inclusive of 5 percent VAT

3. The Miracle Garden

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The Miracle Garden will reopen this year with new attractions, including flower tunnels where families can relax in a quiet space surrounded by beautiful flowers, and giant heart-shaped hands – perfect for photo opportunities.

This attraction features some old favorites that have been updated this year. The beloved Smurf characters are getting a 2022 upgrade with the Fifa World Cup set to kick off in November. Visitors to the park can see characters wearing sports jerseys from various participating countries. The Smurfs area will also be expanded.

– New Miracle Garden ticket prices: Entry for adults and seniors is now Dh75, while for children aged 3 to 12, it is Dh60. Children under the age of 3 can enter for free.

– Miracle Garden old ticket price: Dh55 for adults and Dh40 for children.



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