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The family of a Nigerian woman, Dinchi Lar, who was allegedly detained by Dubai authorities due to a Twitter post about the abuse of some Nigerians at the Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates, has taken to the streets of Abuja to protest her detention. the intervention of the Federal Government in the matter.

One of his tweets.

Lar, in a series of tweets demanded the courtesy of the airport authorities, saying, “I am at the Dubai International Airport, I and some other Nigerians with valid visas are being held in a room few hours after arrival without any explanation. there is no information on what we can do. Please help me. There are more than 20 of us, here.

“My sister had to go through immigration to be released. It was a tiring process. Others are still there and I don’t know their situation (sic).

“What if you don’t have family here? No one knows what is going on,” he added.

In response to his tweet, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued a statement dated Thursday, September 14, 2022 and signed by the spokesperson of the ministry, Ms. Francisca Omayuli, said, “The attention of the Federal Government of Nigeria was drawn to the video on the internet social media, showing allegedly stranded Nigerians who arrived at Dubai Airport, UAE on August 29, 2022, but were denied entry, despite having valid visas.

Another tweet.

“The Nigerian Mission in Dubai has clarified that most of the Nigerians allegedly stranded were given family visas, and arrived in Dubai alone without any family members.

“Because of that, they were denied entry and advised to return to their country and apply for the appropriate visas.

“However, those people who are allowed to enter the country have their family members in the UAE. While those who claimed their family members were on another flight, they were told to wait at the airport, awaiting their arrival,” added the statement.

The ministry also advised traveling Nigerians to note and be guided that the UAE Government has introduced a new visa regime and has stopped issuing tourist visas to people below the age of 40, except those applying for family visas.

Following the release notice, it is said that he took the lady and detained her since September 6, 2022.

Another tweet.

According to a photo caption posted by family members and friends who protested early on Sunday, October 23, 2022, “Dinchi Lar has been detained in Dubai since September 6 by the Dubai Authority for speaking out (on Twitter) against the ill-treatment of Nigerians at Dubai airports… we are in charge of your release!”

Another twiep, jerrydoubles, tweeted, “Sad and heartbreaking to tell you all that Dunchi was sentenced on 12 Oct 22, to one year in jail in Dubai. His family is heartbroken that Nigeria did not save him.”

At the same time, FIST conducted research on the social media laws of the UAE, and the website, Dubai OFW, it clearly stated that, “slandering or sharing hateful posts may result in severe punishment in the country.

“Six months in jail and a fine of AED 25,000 await those who use social media for the purpose of defaming or offending another person or attacking or invading someone’s privacy.

Another part of the law on the site is Article 29 of the country’s law which talked about defamation of the president of the UAE, the Vice President and the rulers of the emirate which attracts a fine of 1 million AED as well as a term of imprisonment.

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