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Monica Puig has questioned the rules of tennis that helped Novak Djokovic qualify for the ATP Finals with his Wimbledon title victory, while the same Wimbledon title did not help the champion women’s singles Elena Rybakina to qualify for the WTA Finals. Tennis fans have criticized the sentiment, accusing former Olympic gold medalist Puig of unnecessarily dragging Djokovic into the debate and of not knowing the rules of tennis.

The ATP and WTA operate under different rules in this matter, as they have for a long time. On the men’s tour, a player only needs to be in the top 20 in the hunt for the ATP Finals if he has won a Grand Slam title. While on the Women’s Tour, the only qualifying criteria is that the player must be in the top 8 of the WTA Rankings before the WTA Finals.

Puig’s doubts arose from the fact that Wimbledon had no ranking points at all and both singles champions missed out on their points to win the title, but it helped the Serb qualify for the ATP Finals as he is outside the top 8 of the ATP Race.

Fans reacted to Puig’s comments, taking offense at his questioning Djokovic’s qualification which was within the rules.

“Dude, Djokovic is really living rent free in his head. Get well soon,” read one fan’s reaction on Twitter.

“Fight wta, don’t include novak in your displeasure. He’s just a tennis player who’s tired of fighting this year. Stop the hate,” another fan said.

@MonicaAce93 @robynbrailey Fight the wta, don’t include novak in your displeasure. He’s just a tennis player who is tired of fighting this year. stop the hate

Here are some other reactions from tennis fans to Monica Puig’s comments:

Why is it necessary to bring Djokovic in there? Seriously? It’s not the ATP’s fault if your [email protected] The WTA organization is outdated and terrible. You are an embarrassment. What’s the point of this tweet? Feels jealousy and bitterness. Pathetic stuff. what an absolute clown you are twitter.com/monicaace93/st…

You played professional tennis and you don’t know that the two circuits have different governance and rules?!? What else did you miss? :/ twitter.com/monicaace93/st…

You are a professional tennis player and you want to tell me that you don’t know that ATP and WTA have different rules regarding finals?? Come on Puig stop it twitter.com/MonicaAce93/st…

‘It seems a bit strange’ – Cameron Norrie on Novak Djokovic qualifying for the ATP Finals

Day 12: The Championships - Wimbledon 2022
Day 12: The Championships – Wimbledon 2022

World No. 13 Cameron Norrie, who was in the running to qualify for the 2022 ATP Finals but recently dropped out of competition, has called Novak Djokovic’s qualification for the ATP Finals “unfair” as the only way for him to to do so despite being outside the top 8 was by virtue of his Wimbledon title. Norrie said he was unaware the rule had been in place for years, but still thought it was odd.

“(Novak Djokovic) obviously qualified from Wimbledon, so it seems a little strange. I don’t know if that was the rule before or not, but it seems unfair,” Norrie said, according to the Daily Mail.

Norrie felt he had a good chance of qualifying for the year-end championship, but a spot was taken away from him. The British player also lamented that Nick Kyrgios didn’t have the chance to qualify, despite appearing in the Wimbledon final.

“I guess for Nick Kyrgios too. He lost in the final and he gets nothing. I knew I hadn’t had the points from the start but I was still with a pretty decent chance I thought” , Norrie said.

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