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Today Assemble Entertainment Renowned indie publisher and developer Zeth has revealed a launch date of November 15th for a heartwarming boss-style adventure coming your way. tied with a blade is an indie action RPG with a focus on intense boss battles. Experience the thrill of Boss Rushes with the perfection of a comfortable indie RPG as you face fierce enemies. collect things and build mighty equipment to strengthen yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. Either play alone or in 2-player co-op!

Publish on Windows PC via Steam and GOG. bound by blade It’s an action RPG where fierce boss battles are front and center seats. Travel through the realm of Ashmyr, facing fierce enemies. collect things and craft new epic equipment to strengthen yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. Difficult to master” This offers two-player co-op options for optimal battle strategies. After all, killing monsters is more fun!

In the trailer above, developer Zeth explains more about the game’s challenging combat, crafting, and co-op features.

Key features of bound by blade:

  • Beast Tamer: Slay gigantic monsters through perilous battles. and learn their maneuvers to survive the battle and come forward. Harvest their corpses and use them to create sweet new gear!
  • Intuitive controls and unique battles: tied with a blade It is designed for players of all skill levels. This allows every adventurer to begin this challenging journey. Use a variety of maneuvers such as fast and furious attacks, unique Finishers combos and combos, and enjoy over 30 craftable armor and 30 unique weapons.
  • Sit, Stay, Quest!: Enlist the help of a pet as your trusted companion to handle your fetch missions or join the fight with you. Feed them to become more powerful and use special items found in your missions to help them evolve.
  • The challenge is yours: Stuck with a boss despite remembering their unique attack patterns? Just change the settings on the go and choose from three different difficulties. Remember, each encounter increases in difficulty with each defeated enemy!
  • Choose your fighter: no play style “One size fits all” in bound by blade. Choose and switch between the game’s three main characters. Each has a different fighting style and equipment: Teo the Kuza the cat, Guren the Fangorian rabbit and the Kotathe Oxbourne cow.

bound by blade Launching November 15, 2022 and ready for your wishlist on Steam and GOG.

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