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NEW DELHI, Nov. 1: Jet fuel prices (ATF) on Tuesday rose 4.2 percent, but the price of commercial LPG used in non-residential establishments such as hotels and restaurants fell 115.5 rubles. Year per 19 kg tank which reflects global energy trends .
The price of aircraft turbine fuel (ATF) was up 4,842.37 rupees per kg, or 4.19 percent, to 120,362.64 rupees per kl in the capital, according to the state retail fuel price announcement.
This resulted in a 4.5% drop in jet fuel prices that hit last month.
In addition, the oil company has reduced the price of a 19 kg commercial LPG tank to Rs.1744 from Rs.1859.50 in the capital.
This marks the seventh commercial LPG price reduction since June. Following the weakening international energy prices
Overall, a reduction of Rs.610 per 19 kg drum.
However, the LPG rate used in the household kitchen for cooking remained unchanged at Rs.1053 per 14.2 kg drum.
This is because domestic LPG rates are lower than cost and are now lower international prices. They are at break even point. Industry sources said.
On the other hand, most commercial LPG rates correspond to cost. So they move in tandem with rising and falling international prices.
Rates vary from state to state depending on the incidence of local taxes. Prices are compared with international rates of jet fuel and LPG. which does not require a coordinated movement Prices are determined by global supply and demand.
Although commercial LPG rates are fixed once a month, ATF prices change every two weeks. But there was no change in jet fuel prices on October 16. Prior to that, it was down Rs 5,521.17, or 4.5%, on October 1 and down 0.7% on September 1.
However, gasoline and diesel prices remained stagnant for nearly seven months. Petrol costs 96.72 rupees per liter in the capital and diesel comes at 89.62 rupees (PTT).

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