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  • Ingredients from Brazilian organics – Oils, butters, syrups and extracts from the pulp or seeds of the Brazilian Amazon, Cerrado and Caatinga biomes;
  • Plant-based butter – 100% natural and sustainable products, without any kind of chemical additives or artificial colors;
  • Cold pressed oil – Special cold extraction and directed to the food market, for nutrition, functional food, and parts of food supplements;
  • Organic Liquid Sugars – Produced with integrated technology and developed with the food and beverage industry in mind, it does not contain any type of chemical component, artificial component or medicine;
  • Bio Augmentation Program – Strengthens the company’s commitment to Brazil’s forests.

SÃO PAULO, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Concepta Ingredients, a Sabará Group business unit specialized in providing natural solutions for the food and beverage industry, is participating for the first time in one of the most important events in the world for the food industry: Gulfood Manufacturing, in. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The exhibition brings together more than 1,600 exhibitors from 60 countries November 8th for 10th and presents trends and innovations for 2022, in the Ingredients, Processing, Packaging, Supply Chain Solutions and Control & Operations sectors.

At its booth, Concepta Ingredients showcases its biodiverse portfolio of organic and conventional ingredients, including Plant-based Butter, Açaí-based products (Açaí Powder, Syrup, Oil and Extract), a variety of Muscovado and Demerara Liquid Sugars and Cupuaçu Butter, besides Brazil Nut, Licuri, Babaçu Toasted, Passion fruit, Sacha Inchi and Patauá Oils. Another attraction is the range of Cold-pressed Vegetable Oils, launched in 2022, which contains products made from Sunflower, Sesame, Linseed and Safflower.

André Sabará, Commercial Director of Concepta Ingredients, emphasizes the importance of being part of an event of that magnitude, where it is expected to receive more than 30 thousand professionals from the food and beverage industry. “Concepta is actively participating in several exhibitions, and this is an important opportunity to establish new relationships and relationships, besides showing the work we are developing with Brazilian ingredients,” he said. “It is important to present our products in different markets, such as Middle Eastappreciate the wealth of Brazil and of course always exchange knowledge with experts from other countries”, he explained.

Recently, the company began to work in Dubai. Juliana Camilloresponsible for developing new businesses in the area, showed the importance of exhibitions to ensure greater visibility of the brand in Middle East.

“This operation was opened to serve customers from Middle East and North Africa more easily, as we can rely on local stocks. In Gulfood Manufacturing, we want to be consistent in the presentation of the most important products of Concepta Ingredients, always reinforcing the appreciation of Brazilian biodiversity inputs and the work built over many years by the company”, he concluded.

Bio Augmentation Program
During the exhibition, Concepta Ingredients also presents the Bio Abundance Program, launched in 2022, which strengthens the commitment to Brazil’s forests. The program is based on five pillars: connecting people in the value chain between forest wealth and the market; to keep the forest standing; respect the people and communities that live there; encouraging the use of ingredients from Brazilian biomes; and promote social and economic inclusion and reduce social inequality.

The Bio Abundance program contributes to the indirect conservation of about 345 thousand hectares of native plants, spread between the Amazon, Cerrado and Caatinga plants, and involves about 2,100 families.

Products and uses

Arboreto range – ingredients from Brazilian Biodiversity

Products from Brazil’s biodiversity are the result of several projects, which are based on the preservation of the forest and contribute directly to the development of society. This range includes oils, butters, syrups and extracts from the pulp or seeds of the Brazilian Amazon, Cerrado and Caatinga plants, with an emphasis on Açaí, Passionfruit, Licuri, Patauá, Brazil Nut and Cupuaçu.

Plant-based butter
The ingredients of Concepta Plant-Based Butter, which is also part of the Arboreto range, are 100% natural and sustainable, without any type of chemical or artificial additive color, and stand out for their clean production and organic certification. Because it is gluten-free and free of trans fat, canola, soy and sodium, it is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, a healthy alternative to dairy butter.

Cold pressed vegetable oil
Various types of Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils contain common ingredients, and special cold extraction and are directed to the food market, especially in the areas of nutrition, functional food and food supplements. Sunflower, Sesame, Linseed and Safflower products have a high concentration of bioactive components and can preserve the taste, color and aroma characteristics of the seeds.

Organic Liquid Sugars
Liquid Muscovado and Demerara sugar, on the other hand, comes from organic management, provided with integrated technology and developed with the food and beverage industry in mind. The ingredients do not contain any type of chemical additives, artificial or pharmaceutical ingredients.

Muscovado sugar, for example, does not undergo any kind of refining, thus preserving the minerals and phytosterols from the sugar cane. Demerara sugar is less refined than regular sugar, thus ensuring the presence of cane nutrients.

Gulfood Manufacturing – Dubai
Location: Dubai World Trade Centre
Date: November 8th-10th
Concept Booth: #G8-30
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About Concepta Ingredients:
Concepta Ingredients is part of the Sabará Group and specializes in natural and technological solutions created in accordance with the Program to Increase the Proportion of the Living Organism. From work based on innovation and research, the company provides organic and natural ingredients, supported in family training and indirect conservation of different biomes. Brazil. Its complete portfolio consists of technological inputs from international partners and ingredients from biodiversity to meet the most specific needs of industries in its location.

About Sabará Group
Sabará Group, with more than 65 years of history, is truly Brazilian and recognized for its ability to innovate and adapt. For three generations, the Group has overcome challenges and excelled in its markets. The company’s commitment to the well-being of people around the world goes beyond the provision of innovative products and services. Its activities focus on future generations by focusing on solutions to ensure sustainability. Through its various branches of activity, the Sabará Group operates throughout the national territory and has a presence in the countries involved South America, North America and Europe. It specializes in the development of high performance technology, solutions and raw materials, targeting the water treatment markets in the environmental and industrial sanitation, nutrition and animal health and food and beverage industries. The development of its products depends on 100% national knowledge and technology, which contributes Brazil to be a reference in product research for a sustainable world.

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