Asus’ new desktop PCs have ports for USB Type-C and… PS/2? | Tech Rasta


ASUS ExpertCenter D7 SFF on the table

There are many great laptops out there for productive work. But sometimes it makes sense to use it with a desktop PC. ASUS has announced the ExpertCenter D7 SFF, a Windows desktop with a sleek design and some interesting features.

ASUS has announced the ExpertCenter today, although it has been available since August. Because ultra-thin tower PCs are aimed at businesses. That probably explains the weird mix of connectivity options — 11 USB ports in total, PS/2 connectors for keyboards and older accessories. (No adapter needed for that M model), HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and Ethernet. The front provides easy access to SD card slots, USB devices, and headphones — use your 24-inch iMac.

ASUS ExpertCenter D7 SFF front, back and sides

Asus allows companies to customize their builds, but the $879.99 version available through Amazon includes a 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12400 processor (with six cores and 12 threads), Windows 11 Pro, NVMe storage. 512GB and 16GB RAM, no dedicated graphics card in entry — strictly performance PC.

There’s also a DVD drive, which might not be necessary for most people at this point, but it’s still useful for ripping DVDs. We’d love to see a Blu-ray drive at this price point.

ASUS ExpertCenter D700SD

This slim desktop PC is built for business. But it’s an option for home use if you don’t need a gaming PC.

Admittedly, the $880 price tag keeps the ExpertCenter PC low for most people. You can buy a good ready-made gaming PC for a similar price. And if you’re not against buying a Mac, the basic Mac Mini is much smaller and nearly $200 cheaper. There’s a reason it’s there — not everyone can use it. And this should be quieter and more energy efficient than most gaming PCs. The built-in DVD drive and native ports also make the PC more convenient for anyone using older hardware. Although you can create custom PCs with drives.


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