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AI Yai Yai: As with all new technologies, AI art presents opportunities for misinformation and disinformation.

  • Take the runway AI is the magic tool, for example, it allows users to type text and change existing images. Tech journalist Ryan Broderick wrote about mechanism“I’ve certainly reached a point with AI tools where I now have to actively suppress my anxiety about what these things can do.”
  • And it’s not just about evil Deep fakes. AI can change perceptions of reality by making every photo look beautiful, presenting a digital world where everything looks fantastic and is free of distortion and non-existence.

Is that new? The number is digital And Physical media has always changed. But now it can happen faster and more often.

  • On sites where everyone is Politicians to Platform owners Sharing false information creates a liability for advertisers’ brand safety.

What should advertisers take away from this? AI is here to stay.

  • Tech writer Brian Morrissey describes the future of AI Rebooting, saying, “In the best case scenario, we will be over-empowered and more barriers to media creation will be removed. In the worst case, we write bots for bots, monetized by bots.
  • “The painstaking work of Digital Merchandising will be fundamentally changed by AI,” writes media executive Troy Young in People vs. Algorithms. “AI will write a chapter where media targeting and optimization decisions disappear behind the algorithm.”
  • As for the potential dangers of AI advancements, IBM’s chief scientist Grady Booch put it this way. Big technology: “As with nuclear weapons, the cat’s out of the bag.” That is assurance.

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