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Microsoft enters the PC market with its Xbox Game Pass service. This service requires the Xbox app for Windows. Unfortunately, the feature isn’t quite complete, especially when compared to other PC clients. That being said, according to Phil Spencer, “big” updates can be expected soon.

As reported by The Verge’s Tom Warren.In a recent interview Operated by YouTuber iJustine. As part of the ‘Same Brain’ podcast, Phil Spencer joked that “We are working on more PCs. Because I think PCs are important. We have a major update for the Xbox app coming in the coming weeks.”

Spencer did not elaborate on what this update will bring. However, the Xbox app has a number of bugs compared to other clients. So it will be interesting to see what makes this upcoming update ‘big’.

As a result of this saying The fans started guessing. How might this update be? With some suggesting a UI overhaul may be in effect, others hope that key features will be coming to PCs, such as the ability to play Xbox 360 games on PC, while the latter is unlikely to happen. The big update coming to the Xbox app is pretty exciting regardless.

KitGuru says: How do you think the update will change? How would you like the update to change? Are you using the Xbox PC app? Let us know below.

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